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Mark's Tool Belt Favorites

Here are a few things I keep on my tool belt!

Gardening Belt - I got this in my first year farming after reading a recommendation from Floret. I wear it daily out in the fields and it has all my needed tools - so I don't wear out my pant's pockets with clippers.

Clippers - We have a variety of snips. We do keep some cheaper ones on hand for running out and grabbing a few blooms. But toward the end of last season, we upgraded the team's clippers to a favorite pair I had been using during the summer. These are a bit more expensive but if you are using them daily they hold up so well and clean easily.

Hori Hori Knife - I carry this around a similar version which is such a useful tool I can use all around the garden.

Counter - Last year we started counting stems for each of our varieties. I use this counter on my belt to keep accurate count of whatever row I am harvesting. The team each has one so that we can keep better data and plan better.

Hope this helps you stock your tool belt!

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