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Fresh Flowers: Our top picks by season

We are so thankful for our customers who shop local fresh flowers for everything from the weekly blooms to their wedding floral designs. One of the most common questions when planning for events is on what kind of flowers are in season for their big day.

Getting blooms from your local grower means you can get fresh flowers locally without the travel time and pesticides of imports. You can often get more quality flowers at a lower cost by sourcing locally. But that does mean you are ordering with the season.

Before getting your heart set on peonies in October, check out some of our favorite focal flowers for each season. The list below is not comprehensive but we wanted to give a snapshot of a few of our favorites by season. For a full list of what is available, please contact us directly.


It is so wonderful to see spring blooms popping through after a winter of prepping and planting. These are a few of our favorites:

Anemones - Snapdragons - Cosmos - Poppies - Ranunculus


Summer is SO much fun. While we hate to see some of the spring flowers go, we LOVE the bright colors of summer.

Dahlias - Sunflowers - Zinnias


Once winter comes around some beautiful and interesting blooms come out!

Kale, Status, Stock, Dill, Foxglove (Mums not pictured but coming in Fall 2019!)

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