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Spring Flowers - YAY!

March has been busy! We've had the roadside stand out for two weeks and are enjoying so much color this year! The flowers are loving the weather and bee season from the proximity to the almond orchards.


We are planting new sets of flowers each week so that we can keep the volume up through the season. So LOTS of planting lately to be prepared for the later spring and summer months. It will make for a colorful first year at the farmer's market though!

We started putting the bouquets in mason jars at the roadside stand. They are available to take for $2 if you want to purchase one to transport or display your flowers. Want to get flowers every week? Buy the flowers and swap out your empty mason jar for a full one! Come by off Austin Road between Hwy 99 and West Ripon.

Thanks to everyone for coming by and helping us get off to a fun start this year.

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