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Changes at the Farm

As the color from the flowers becomes more and more sparse some other fun changes are happening around here!

About a month ago Mark and some hard working friends put up our two new hoop houses. These greenhouses will protect our flowers from all the elements and create a healthy environment for them to grow in.. They will thrive with an even temperature protected from wind and rain throughout the winter.

The front half of the first greenhouse will be a new seeding area, where seeds will be planted in trays and will be monitored for new growth. The back half of the first greenhouse and the second greenhouse will be flower beds.

We’ve planted about 2,800 flower bulbs and plugs over the last few weeks that will be growing before it freezes and they go dormant. This means that the seeds will produce vegetation but there won’t be any flower growth until the spring. These flowers will begin to bloom about a month earlier in the spring than the ones outside the greenhouse. And in the spring we will plant even more!

We will be finishing up the greenhouses, plating and getting ready for spring so stay tuned for more updates. We will be planting ranunculus, anemones, snapdragons, dahlias, and more!

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