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Ranunculus Corms: DRF Premium Mix

Ranunculus Corms: DRF Premium Mix


We are excited to share some of our ranunculus corms with you! These are some extra corms from our own 2024 inventory of our favorite spring blooms. They come with lots of ruffly petals and a 10 day to two week vase life. We've selected some of the varieties we grow on the farm, ideal for their production and stem length, to share with you.


This mix is a selection of our favorite blooms, known for their high production and popularity with our florist customers. 


Each packet contains 20 corms and will be mailed with growing instructions.


Ranunculus bloom 90 days after planting in the spring with stems reaching 10-20" tall. Ranunculus can also be planted in the fall to go dormant and arrive in early spring. 



  • Pickup, Delivery & Shipping

    Local Pickup Available in Ripon: 

    • Ripon Farmer's Market 9/21
    • Ripon Farmer's Market 9/28
    • Ripon Main St. Day 10/21 

    $5 Local Delivery in Ripon only - Delivery Starts First Week of October 

    USPS Shipping - Delivery Starts First Week of October 

  • When to Plant

    In the Central Valley you can plant your ranunculus in the fall or early spring. Make sure to plant your ranunculus AFTER the high heat. Fall ranunculus should be planted by Nov 15th or we recommend planting spring ranunculus in the first few weeks of January. 

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