• Andrea

Valentines Day: Pre-Order Available Now

Valentines Day came up about a month after Mark and I first started dating. It was the first weekend he was going to meet my parents. So when he came to visit he went big. Not only did I get dinner, but he also bought some grocery store flowers, my favorite candy, a stuffed bear and he filled out every valentine in a kid's 24 pack with something nice he liked about me. Unconcerned with being over the top, he brought a tea-cup shaped potted plant for my mom (which she still has today!) and another stuffed bear for my sister.

Let's just say our Valentines dates have gone a little more low key since then but something must have worked because we are married with two kids 10+ years later. What has stayed the same is that fresh flowers and a sweet note still mean so much to me; I just happen to prefer some of the local options these days!

We are so excited to offer you all some locally grown flowers for Valentines Day. Our blooms have been thriving in the greenhouses. Our pre-order arrangements will be available for pick up February 13 or 14 or we are providing local delivery in Ripon or Manteca for $5. We have a very limited number available so order soon!

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