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Dahlia Tuber FAQ

We are so excited to share our tubers with you this year! Please see below for more info on what to epxect and how to to grow dahlias. All tubers are sold as single tubers. Tuber size varies depending on variety, but all dahlia tubers purchased from us will have at least one eye  and are true to name. 

We are only able to ship within the US at this time. if you are local we do have local pickup available in March. Due to temperature conditions while shipping we expect to send out shipments sometime in March. 


What do I do with tubers?

When you receive our tubers, open your package immediately. We are not responsible for tubers drying out or rotting in post-delivery storage under your care. Please see the sections below if you are not sure how tubers should appear and don't hesitate to reach out if you find an issue. Replacement tubers will be sent out as inventory allows. 

Growing Dahlias

After the last frost and your soil temperature is at least 60° go ahead and plant your dahlias. Dahlias prefer at least 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. Make sure your soil is well-drained. Dig a hole about 4'-6' deep and lay the tuber horizontal with the eyes facing up. The eye should be approximately 3 in below the soil facing up. Some tubers may require a deeper hole. Space 18-24" apart. After sprouts appear in the ground go ahead and water. 


Tuber Appearance 

Dahlia tubers are an organic, living thing, so expect variation in how they store and look. 

Here's what to do if you received wrinkled tubers:

1. Give them a (gentle!) squeeze. Tubers should still have some resistance to them. 

2. If your tuber turns to mush when you press on it, or is dry/hollow inside, send us photos along with your order number, the name of the variety that is rotten, and whether you would like a refund or replacement. 

 *If you have waited longer than 1 week after receiving to check your tubers, we cannot be held responsible for their condition*

Tuber Quality

All our tubers are guaranteed to have an eye and be a viable tuber upon shipping.  If you feel you have received unsatisfactory tubers, please send us an email with photos of the tubers within one week of receiving and we will make sure the situation is alleviated. Tubers at shipping will still be dormant, which can make eyes difficult to see. 


We will include more detailed growing instructions with your order. As you start to plant if you have any questions about your tuber, let us know. We will be planting our stock and are happy to share tips along the way. And we'd love to see how your dahlia garden goes this summer! 

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